B – The Hayloft


Today you can see lots of different objects on display but that is because I need them so I can explain how they were used in the past but really you need to imagine this room full to the brim of hay! Lots and lots of hay! Every corner would have been filled right up to the ceiling. In summer the grass in the fields would be allowed to grow and then later it would be cut and left to dry. It used to be cut using scythes since there was no such thing as a lawnmower. It was a very difficult job because it wasn’t enough to just cut the grass and wait for it to dry, no, you had to keep turning it with rakes to stop it from rotting. It would be turned and turned many times with rakes, just like the ones you can see here resting against the walls, until it was completely dry. Then the hay would be gathered together into bales of hay and stacked in the hayloft


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